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WH Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane is the rigid foam formed by mixture of main components ‘polyol and isocyanate’ with catalyst materials under high pressure and special production conditions.

Ensuring superior thermal insulation by its closed cell structure, polyurethane has high dimensional stability, and does not absorb water. It does not create bacteria. Its mechanical performance is very high thanks to its high compressive strength.

WH  Rock Wool
Rock wool is the general name given to the fibers obtained by melting the inorganic rocks and other inorganic oxides at a high temperature. With its fibrous and open cell structure, mineral wool is the perfect choice for your building with regards to sound insulation and fire resistance. When it comes to thermal insulation, it has a lower insulation value compared to PUR and PIR.

Mineral wool in sandwich panels is sliced in our fully automatic production facilities, and their fibers are used in a position perpendicular to the panel surface. Therefore, the resistance of the panel against pressure is increased and its mechanical value is improved.

You may prefer to use the mineral wool insulation material especially for buildings that require high sound insulation or those under fire risk or for any building, where flammable/explosive materials are stored.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Expanded polystyrene is a thermoplastic material, a derivative of petroleum.After inflation process, the polystyrene granules stick firmly to one another and take the shape of the mold they are in. Finally, after having been shaped into blocks, expanded polystyrene is ready to use by cutting into sheets.

At the end of this process, pentane gas replaces air. This motionless and dry air, which is trapped in the granules with small closed pores, enables EPS sheets to provide superior thermal insulation for your buildings.

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