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1. The fire protection reaches A1 level, which belongs to non flammability level. The fire resistance of 50mm color steel sandwich panel reaches 1 hour.
  2. Aq2 is an environmental protection product, which will not produce harmful gases such as smoke poison in case of fire.
  3, good fire resistance, cement foam organic collection into a honeycomb mechanism, effective waterproof, moistureproof.
  4. Hollow magnesium oxysulfide, with a density of 250kg / m3, is made into a color steel sandwich panel with good flatness, strong adhesion between steel plate and core material, high overall strength, bending resistance and sound insulation effect.
  5. Environmental protection. No itching substance will be produced during the production of workers and on-site opening construction.
  6. Stable size and high production efficiency. It can not only meet the size of hand-made board, but also be directly used in machine-made board. 

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