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Clean plate, also known as clean plate, is a composite plate made of color coated plate, stainless steel and other materials. Because of its unique dust-proof, anti-static, antibacterial and other effects, it is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research and other purification engineering fields that have strict requirements for indoor environment.

The purification board can be made of nine kinds of core material, such as rock wool, polyurethane foam, silica rock, glass wool, paper honeycomb, pottery aluminum plate, glass and magnesium paper bee, and more than twenty kinds of surface materials, such as color steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc light plate, stainless steel, printing steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, three plywood, fiber cement board and so on.

Flame retardant paper honeycomb purification board
The paper honeycomb core is made of flame-retardant paper, and the panel and the other panel can be made of color steel plate and stainless steel plate.
(1) Its flame resistance is B1 (only carbonization and no combustion).
(2) It has high rigidity, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good heat preservation and sound insulation effect, strong fire resistance and no toxic components.

Folded rock wool purification board
The rock wool purification board is a sandwich structure board which is composed of color steel profiled board as the surface layer, structural rock wool as the core layer and special adhesive. It belongs to a clean board with good fire prevention effect, which can be blocked on four sides, and a reinforcing rib is added in the middle of the board, so that the board surface is more flat and has higher strength.
Combustion performance: Class A (non combustible)
Density: ≥ 120kg / R n
Thermal conductivity: o.046w/r N.K,

Glass magnesium flame retardant paper honeycomb purification board
The glass magnesium board is a non combustible material. The glass magnesium flame retardant paper honeycomb purification board has passed the fire test of the national construction quality supervision and inspection center, and the fire resistance time is 62 minutes.
(1) High fire resistance rating
(2) Good compressive strength
(3) Good surface flatness

Folding glass magnesium mesh handmade board
The glass magnesium mesh manual purification board is glued with glass magnesium mesh partition board, with steel plates on both sides and cold drawn profile frame around, glued and formed. Main applications: ceiling, enclosure and net products of purification room, industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage, air conditioner wall panel.
(1) Flat and beautiful. The products are steel faced rock wool core board, steel faced aluminum (paper) honeycomb core board, steel faced gypsum core board, steel faced gypsum rock wool core board, steel faced gypsum layer extrusion reinforced cotton core board. We can also make special core material and special specification plate according to customer's requirement.
(2) Sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance and fire protection performance are good. The filling materials of the products are all class a flame-retardant materials, which will not melt when burning, and there is no high-temperature decomposition drop. They are high-grade fire-resistant building decoration composite plates in China.
Folding antistatic antibacterial
With the development of science and technology, the requirements of anti-static, anti-bacterial and dust-proof in the field of clean engineering are higher and higher. Sparks caused by static electricity are easy to cause fire and explosion, and will affect the normal operation of electronic equipment; environmental pollution produces more bacteria, some antibiotics (such as Staphylococcus aureus) have been ineffective inhibition, pathogen infection makes the life of people with weak resistance threatened.
The anti-static purification board uses special conductive pigments added to the coating of the color board to make the surface of the color board have a resistance of 10-100 ohm. Through this, the static electricity can form electric energy release, prevent dust adhesion, and easy to remove. At the same time, the board has the advantages of drug resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, etc. A special enamel antibacterial agent is used in the coating of the color plate of the antibacterial clean plate, which has non-toxic and semi permanent antibacterial effect and far infrared radiation effect.

Folding aluminum honeycomb hand plate
Aluminum honeycomb manual panel core material can be inorganic material (glass magnesium board, gypsum board), aluminum honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb + glass magnesium board, etc., and two sides can be color coated board, galvanized, stainless steel and other purification specific materials.
(1) The fire rating is class A, and galvanized cold drawn frame or plastic steel frame is used around.
(2) Beautiful surface, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-seismic, fire performance in line with national standards.
Folding paper honeycomb handmade board
Paper honeycomb manual board is laid with paper honeycomb core material, two sides are made of steel plate, four sides are made of cold drawn profile frame, and glued.
It is mainly used for ceiling, enclosure and net products of purification room, industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage and air conditioner wall panel.

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